A week for gardening ideas

It’s Spring! and time for cleaning out, re-organising, re-vamping and generally just getting inspired! Many of my succulents are now starting to outgrow their pots and the time has come for me to start a new succulent garden (if I can find a sunny enough spot!), so I scoured the internet for some ideas.

My Echeveria harmsii have been growing beautifully in their respective pots and getting a bit pot-bound, so this seems like a lovely idea to put them in the garden – I can already see them thriving and spreading!

Or perhaps some of them can go into bigger, more exciting pots.


A re-vamp of my garden path or a new path, surrounded by succulents, is also in order!
A nice idea for transplanting my Aloe cooperi (Grass Aloe) amongst some rocks (the pic is Aloe verecunda)
I’ve got some Echinopsis cacti in the garden that are not looking too well after the winter (they don’t like frost) so I’ll get a nice pot for them where I can keep them on the patio and tend to them until they’re in perfect condition again.
A sunny, north-facing wall will be ideal to display some of my bigger specimens.
Echeverias planted en masse always look good!
A lovely idea for displaying some Echeverias and I DO have a chair similar to this!
My little corner similar to this has succumbed to my girls’ constant scratching, so time to transplant the Echeverias and add new pebbles
This seemed like a lovely idea for against a sunny wall, until I started worrying about all the work of maintaining and watering them!
A beautifully laid out succulent garden! Something to strive for! (Image Willem Van Greunen in ‘MinWater’ group on FaceBook)
I just love palettes! A beautiful idea for a lounge or dining room, except I haven’t got any big windows like this…
The Aloe Farm’s display on their side-walk (you’ll find them on FaceBook)
I apologise that I don’t have links for all the images, but I forgot to copy it and can’t find any of them now! So if you find your picture here, please feel free to contact me! Smile!
So, armed with lots of inspiration, there’s no excuse for my garden not looking beautiful this summer!

What a winter!

Winter is winter, I know, and why anything surprises me is a good question! But this year the seasons have been extremely peculiar. Unlike South Africa’s weather, sunny, warm, clear blue skies, even in winter. No. More like the rest of the world’s weather!


25th July 2016

After the hectic heat waves we had this past summer, winter has brought in absolutely freezing temperatures and stuff like snow!, hail, floods and tornadoes! Tornadoes? In South Africa?! Well, there you have it. We actually had a few tornadoes.

As the hail started, I thought of running out and moving some of my succulents under cover, but it was already too fierce. 25th July 2016
And rain, In the middle of winter. Not Gauteng weather at all, we are a summer rainfall area. And hail, LOTS of hail, big hail! When it started, my mind was racing. What can I save? My plants are going to be annihilated! What about my garden birds?!

I watched helplessly as the storm got worse and worse, pounding the trees, the plants and wreaking havoc. Luckily my chooks were already in their coop as I had suspected some foul play earlier in the morning and had left them inside.


The hailstorm lasted for about 20 minutes, followed by heavy rain the rest of the day and night. And it took my gardener a full day to clear all the leaves, broken branches and rubble. Mr. Brown, a stray rooster, was in the aviary at the back of the pic, hiding in the shelter provided and the sound of the hail on the tin roof must have been deafening, it certainly was in my house, we couldn’t even hear one another talking.

My experience is that, if we have late-winter rain, then probably we are in for a good rainfall season, so that’s one positive to look forward to!

An unusual sight – Aloes blooming in the snow!